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Strategy & knowledge, both are essential in an increasingly interconnected, globalized and complex world.

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About us

ACMS is a completely independent consulting company, which is active in the fields of development consulting and building businesses. Based on trusted contacts in different countries, ACMS strives to offer its customers a close collaboration.

We especially offer technical expertise in the areas of fundraising, energy, telecom and IT projects. Our strong OSINT capacity allows us to make accurated deliveries.

Full spectrum of services


We deliver various information security services, such as audit, penetration testing, red-team engagements, incident response and trainings.

Business consulting

We aim to offer a wide range of innovative solutions and products preselected for their quality and their cost.

Technical market analysis

We analyze the technical data that enable our clients to make the best decisions and develop their business, using cutting-edge consulting methodologies and best-of-breed data search techniques.

Accomplished projects

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Our consultants have more than dozen of years of experience dealing with critical situations around the world.

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